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Tuesday, March 21, 2016 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Design Days with PAD, AVNET, and Tiempo Development at CEI brings the best product experts to help you improve the design and production of your innovations. Engineers will be available to offer one-on-one assistance with all your product development needs. All companies and individuals needing product development support for physical and software designs are encouraged to participate, but spots are limited, so schedule your meeting time today.

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Please note:
-Please do not ask for a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The engineers operate under a strict company code of ethics and no additional NDA is required.

-Design Days is meant for companies developing physical products, products with electronics, or software.

-Design Days is open to companies at ANY stage of development, not just startups. Entrepreneurs of any age, including students, are also welcome.

-Design Days is not a discussion about funding, nor is it a sales pitch (from either side).

-Please do not expect a functioning prototype or design, nor solutions to your technical problems. To fully engage in PADT, AVNET or Tiempo Development's services, a cost is involved to be agreed upon by both parties.